Infertility treatment is now revolutionized by the advance techniques being introduced with each passing day; Sonography or Ultrasound has recast the approach towards infertile couple.

Sonography is the initial step in the process of diagnosing and curing any patient but it has a vital role to play. High frequency radio sound waves are made to penetrate to the level of pelvic organs. The waves after touching the surface of pelvic organs get reflected and the same are received as black and white images on the screen which determine the exact condition of that part.

Besides Trans-abdominal Sonography, commonly used technique, Trans-vaginal Sonography is the standard ultrasound technique which is used these days for infertility. It uses a long and slender probe to get inside the vagina; the images are then taken on the screen. Images received are clearer when taken through this technique as the probe reached closer to the pelvic parts in this case.

Ultrasound is used for various purposes like egg pick up for IVF, Ovarian cyst aspiration, ultrasound guided embryo and gamete transfer etc. Indira IVF experts pay special attention to the patients’ ultrasound finding during the initial checkup in order to decide the problem and further treatment plan,

we get a lot of patients who have undergone hysteroscopy or laparoscopy or D&C operations in the past without any indication to go for these surgeries. Indira IVF fertility specialist believe that surgery must be only performed when there is a clear cut indication for that operation during the ultrasound evaluation.

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